A kitchen project experiences two essential moments: the choice of the product in relation to functional and appearance requirements, and the method of using it through actions and practices that exploit the furnished kitchen to the greatest extent possible and also make it more personal. Its image is created through its expression of the diverse ways of experiencing daily living.

All our kitchens are designed, developed and manufactured exclusively in Italy. We work each day to propose new models of kitchens always move with the times and by incorporating innovations in terms of materials, techniques and appliances innovations. Browsing through the various collections will find a wide choice of styles, compositions, arrangements and technical and aesthetic solutions that make all our modular kitchens and customizable according to your tastes and needs.

Uniqueness, modern style and a vocation for Made in Italy are the founding values of the Visionnaire brand, which has been able to rapidly gain leadership on the international luxury design scene, no longer understood as merely a furnishing project, but rather as the offer of a “total look” customized in every detail. Careful observation of the world, of the continual evolution of modern society and culture are at the heart of Visionnaire’s creativity and modernity.